February 18th, 2006

Go team USA!!

The U.S.A. Women's Hockey team lost yesterday to Sweden in a shootout. It's disappointing that they won't get to play for the Gold Medal, but I guess it's good overall for Women's Hockey. Previously the two dominant teams, the USA and Canada, had only lost to each other and had traded taking gold and silver. But I guess another team has taken the step up to contend. I hate they had to do it at the US women's expense, but I guess it'll be good for the sport on a whole (encouraging other Women's national team and such especially those outside North America).

I guess I'll wish them luck against Team Canada in the Gold Medal game (no offense Canadians, but imagine the good it would do the Women's sport if the Swedes won the Gold). I'll be there pulling for the USA women to win the Bronze Medal game. Hopefully they can rebound.

The US Men's Hockey team takes on Slovakia in a very important game today at 2:00 PM. Sucks I won't be able to watch it. They are playing for first place in their pool of teams. The top four teams advance to play in Medal rounds so since the US already has a tie (where you receive 1 point, a win you receive 2 points) and is currently 2nd in their pool they need a win to move into a better position.

I ordered me a new USA Hockey t-shirt and hat yesterday. It'd be nice if I got it before the tournament was over, but if not oh well.
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The US Mens Hockey team lost their game today. This puts them in a difficult position to make the playoff games. Maybe I shouldn't have bought that hat and t-shirt yesterday. Maybe it put the jinx on them (this is the hyper superstitious sports fan in me coming out).

Even more unbelievable Team Canada lost to Team Switzerland. An unbelieveable upset. And I'm here at work trying to find things to keep my busy.

Who knows what is going to happen or what to expect in the Men's division.
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