May 25th, 2006

the NHL playoffs

I got back from watching the sneak peak of X-men 3 last night just in time to see the last ten minutes of game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals between Carolina and Buffalo. I am pulling for Buffalo and they won, but man what an entertaining series the two conference finals have been. Edmonton is leading their best of seven against Anaheim 3-0 but man those games have been excellent and tight as well. Lots of good hitting, play making, goal tending, up and down the ice action in both series, especially with Edmonton. I said it before I love to see this team play but my GOD how can anyone be an Oiler's fan and not have a heart attack? Playoff hockey is back and man is it great so far. Thank you God. I still trying to decide if the NHL and the teams it has left playing is a good thing or a bad thing for their recovery. Good to see small market and Canadian franchises make the finals to show anyone can do it and it's exciting when someone other than the same traditional teams make the finals. But on the other hand you wonder if a big major and/or perennial powers showdown with their large markets (Detroit, Boston, Montreal, New York Rangers, Colorado, New Jersey) would be a more successful option for the league and it's recovery and ratings? I don't know the answer to that. For me as a much more than casual fan I like the different teams and will watch anyway. I don't think the NHL pulls in as many casual fans other than it's hard core traditional fanbase as say basketball does (and in no way even approaches the level that the NFL pulls in casual fans) so maybe there aren't that many casual or new fans to pull into the league to begin with. Anyone else's thoughts on the matter?
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