The Genetic Lifeguard (pickmansraven) wrote in the_thrashers,
The Genetic Lifeguard

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I just have one thing to say...

"Nobody wants to score like BIG JIM SLATER!"

Wow. What a great player he's going to turn out to be. Go Thrashers!
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You sound like jfinchatl from the Thrashers message board.

In case you aren't, look at his signature to see why I say that :
That's me - I just use a different AIM nick. :)

did you get a chance tosee braydon coburn before he got sent back to the chicago wolves
I saw him a few times - He's going to be a good D-man. He needs some more playing time before he makes the next step. Bob H. wasn't giving him enough time (because we have several solid defensemen) to really develop, so it's best if he spends time down in Chicago working.

Have you seen him play?
yea i have seen him all through juniors. i used to live in portland,or where he played. i think it is better to play some time in the ahl anyway. it helps them get used to the pro style of play...the whl is a very physical league.
I hope we keep him up. He's a real sparkplug to the team, and contribute (physically or otherwise) when it's needed. :)