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NHL draft is at 6:00 PM Eastern tonight.

The NHL draft is at 6:00 PM tonight. The Thrashers have the #12 pick.

Who or what kind of player should the Thrashers be looking for? I think the defense is finally starting to rise through the ranks so I'm thinking Centermen. What do you think?

Will you watch, check in at the end or do you have any kind of interest in the Draft?
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I'm hoping for a forward, someone who'll actually excel at the NHL level in a few years [since most players we've drafted, either suck or were never good to begin with...], sorry for the pessimism.

It's 1 am here when the draft starts, I'm trying to stay awake to watch/follow at least the first round, getting excited already! :]
Well all the draft picks haven't sucked, There have been a few that were all right:

Dany Heatley
Ilya Kovalchuk
Kari Lehtonen
Garnet Exelby
Patrik Stefan
Pasi Nurminen

You can't draft a Sydney Crosby every year, LOL.